milk_shake provides you with a natural styling hair care range

Empower your clients to recreate beautiful professional styles naturally.  Combinations of ingredients including milk proteins, lychee extract, vitamin C and minerals protect, add style and definition during the styling process.

25 products
  • milk_shake Amazing Curls & Waves 200ml
  • milk_shake Amazing 200ml
  • milk_shake Fixing Paste 100ml
  • milk_shake Blow-dry Primer 200ml
  • milk_shake Medium Hold Gel 200ml
  • milk_shake Curl Shaper 200ml
  • milk_shake Powder Pop 5g
  • milk_shake Braid Lotion 150ml
  • milk_shake Braid Cream 100ml
  • milk_shake Braid Grease 100ml
  • milk_shake Let It Shine 200ml
  • milk_shake Curl Perfectionist 150ml
  • milk_shake texturizing cream 100ml
  • milk_shake Thermo-Protector 200ml
    milk_shake LIFESTYLING Thermo protector
  • milk_shake freehand paste 100ml
  • milk_shake Strong Eco Hairspray 250ml
  • milk_shake Design Wax 100ml
  • milk_shake Shaping Foam 250ml
  • milk_shake Styling Potion 175ml
    milk_shake styling_potion
  • milk_shake Smoothing Cream 150ml
    milk_shake smoothing cream